Back to Nature: An Educational Greenbelt

Our children are growing up in a rapidly changing, globalized and technology-based world, with increasingly limited opportunities for deep connection with the natural world. The Master Plan will provide an opportunity to open nature’s doors to the Head-Royce community on a daily basis.

Research points to the importance of nature and outdoor learning environments for children; time spent outdoors has shown to result in less stress, higher self-esteem, increased happiness, less anxiety and a better outlook. Increased happiness has also been shown to fuel success and academic performance.

An oasis of vibrant green — its central core features a cascading downhill topography with panoramic views of San Francisco, ripe for shaping natural space into an Educational Greenbelt where students, teachers, and administrators can soak in the benefits of fresh air, exercise, play, and reflection.

This sustainable outdoor space also invites environmental education, including an outdoor science lab, a lower school gardening lesson, a guided nature walk or simply a quiet moment on a grassy knoll. Our Educational Greenbelt will further support the school’s commitment to student health and well-being with movement, play, stress relief, and balance, while encouraging environmental stewardship and awareness.

Team Member
Tom Leader | Landscape Architect

"I love the energy with which Head-Royce embraces original and inventive ideas. The School draws on its community, and is remarkably thoughtful about being inclusive in the design process for this new plan.”

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