Send a Letter of Support

    Dear Planning Commissioners,


    I am writing today in support of the Head-Royce School Planned Unit Development (PUD) Amendment Project, which was created after years of intensive collaboration with key stakeholders—including neighbors, parents, faculty, alumni, and students. This project will enable Head-Royce to supplement its K-12 education with hands-on experiential learning, STEM innovation, and outdoor learning, and will increase scholarship opportunities for deserving students in the area. This plan represents a transformative opportunity to create a cutting-edge instructional environment designed for the future of education while also providing benefits to the surrounding neighborhood.


    I was delighted to see that the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) found that all environmental impacts from the project can be reduced to a level of “less than significant” with standard conditions of approval and mitigation measures. I believe that these measures—which include the addition of a new loop driveway that routes pick-up and drop-off activities out of the neighborhood and onto the Head-Royce campus—will improve the quality of life in the neighborhood. The proposal was also carefully designed by experienced architects to preserve the neighborhood character, maintain the open feel of the existing property, maximize greenery, and thoughtfully reuse existing buildings on the site.


    This project is incredibly important to me because



    Given the merits of the project, I hope you will support the project and encourage you to move the EIR forward toward completion.


    Thank you,